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Fund Our Future

Design Outreach will not rest until every village and community has access to clean water—a vision much bigger than ourselves.

The Zambian and Malawian governments have noticed that the LifePump is different. They have seen its potential to transform the way the world gets water.

These governments have committed to work with Design Outreach to pilot the LifePump so it can gain government acceptance at a national level.

Click here to learn why government acceptance is critical for widespread impact.

In addition, this year we plan to pilot 10 to 20 LifePumps with The Water Project in Kenya, strengthen partnerships in Haiti, expand to new countries, and develop a robust supply chain in Africa.

This is a unique and rare opportunity to change the future of safe, reliable water. We are looking for champions who can connect with us, engage their community, and raise the funds necessary to see these projects succeed.

Will you help us change the future for so many?

Sponsor a Village

We are seeking champions to do three key things: connect with us, inspire their community, and empower a village by providing a long-lasting, clean water source.

Fundraising champions work to raise $10,000 for each LifePump™. You can choose any amount to raise. Whether you decide to raise $200, $2,000, or even the full $10,000 for a new village water pump, WE HELP YOU DO THIS within 100 days or less.

We are currently working with several implementing partners who have boots on the ground in the field. We have built successful relationships with these organizations and continue conversations with the local governments. We are confident in our partners’ abilities to implement projects with efficiency.

Depending on need, your LifePump will be installed in a village in either Africa or Haiti.

We will keep you informed and supported throughout this process.

Each pump will provide clean water for a village of around 300 to 400 people. Your efforts will directly affect the lives of hundreds of people, giving them hope, opportunity, and empowerment.

Will you be their advocate?

Now is the time to act: Will you be a champion?


Create your fundraising campaign page, choose your goal, and invite your friends, family, and colleagues to support your project.


Create a community of givers. Use your passion to inspire your community to fund your project. There are many creative ways to raise support, so think BIG! And don’t worry: We’ll be here to support you with each step you take.


The funds you raise will be used to bring a LifePump to a village that desperately needs it. We will report back on the impact you’ve had to give you and your friends a reason to celebrate!

We invite YOU to join us in making a lifelong impact.

We are actively seeking fundraising champions who, with the help of their church, business, organization, school, friends and family, will unite to fund our future and support a village with a new LifePump™.

You can choose any amount to raise for your campaign. Whether you decide to raise $1,000, $5,000, or the full $10,000 required to fund a new LifePump for a village, WE WILL HELP YOU DO THIS within 100 days or less. Regardless of what you decide, we’ll help you work toward your goal.

If you have read this far, you are probably one of those champions.

Connect with us, inspire your community and empower a village by providing a long-lasting, sustainable clean water source.

Will you be a LifePump™ champion?