The problem is water.

  • Dirty

    For many communities, their primary water source is contaminated. Some drink from streams laden with dirty runoff, others drink from mud puddles in the ground, and many drink from the same ponds that livestock wade through. These communities have no other choice. They face chronic illness that prevents children from attending school and adults from working to support their families. This dirty water is perpetuating the cycle of poverty and malnutrition.

  • Unreliable

    Even when communities have access to a source of clean water, it’s often for a short period of time. Many standard hand pumps break down after months of use, or they are too shallow to produce water during the dry season. Many of these pumps can’t reach deep enough to reach any water at all. Research indicates that about one-third of hand pumps in Africa are no longer functioning.

  • Inaccessible

    Each day, countless women and children walk miles to the nearest water source. This takes hours of their day, and the journey is often full of danger. All the time spent collecting water means sacrificing other opportunities such as going to school, farming, or starting a business. Distant water is a barrier to safety, education, and economic empowerment.

The solution is water.

  • Clean

    The LifePump reaches deep into the ground, accessing aquifers filled with fresh, clean water. It produces water free of contamination without requiring filters or chemicals. This water promotes improved health, hydration, and nutrition in rural communities, enabling children to attend school, parents to go to work, and families to grow crops and support livestock.

  • Reliable

    The LifePump is designed to reach deeper and last longer than standard hand pumps available today. The first permanent LifePump, installed in Malawi, has been operating for more than three years with no maintenance required. The LifePump provides a steady flow of water year-round. Consistency means healthier crops and livestock and greater economic growth within these villages.

  • Accessible

    The LifePump brings clean water right into the local village. With a reliable source of water at the center of their community, women and children get hours of their day back. They no longer have to face the dangers of miles-long treks to gather water. Children are able to go to school. Women can invest in their gardens and start businesses. Families can attend church together. As it is often said in Africa, water is life.

The solution is

Providing clean water is a crucial first step in bringing health and economic opportunity to a community.







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